Your Leadership Team

At the Point, we are so blessed to have such a wonderful team of people that come together to serve and worship God and the community each week.

Let us introduce them:

Angel C. Wenger

Music Team Admin

Angel joined The Point in Fall of 2014 and has been the most wonderful addition to our church community. She plays keyboard on the Music Team but also is behind the scenes with the planning and organization. Angel says “I love music & planning :)” and we are so grateful for all the work she does. She also likes the colour purple and hot pot.

Tim Wenger

Set-Up Team Co-Leader

Tim first came to The Point in 2012 in his freshman year. A couple weeks later, he wondered who set up all the stuff every week. So he came early the next week, and bam! He’s been helping with that team ever since and we so appriciate his leadership and tech brilliance! He says “I am really good at sharing my time, and I’m quite practical. So I love the work!” He also enjoys building things. “Sometimes out of wood, sometimes electronics, maybe even some code.” 

Dyan MacNeill

Prayer Team Leader

Dyan is our amazing prayer leader who started going to The Point in Fall of 2015. She started the prayer team in October of 2016 after asking if there was a team already in place. We are so encouraged by her contagious laughter, and bright smile, and heart for prayer. She says “prayer is a powerful thing.” Dyan also loves “soccer and sushi. (But not at the same time).”

 Charity Mudhikwa

SFSS Club Team Leader

Charity joined The Point in 2018. She has been a blessing and joy in our community serving in the music team and Point events. Charity became our SFU Point Club President in early 2020. She says “I’m really passionate about connecting with other students who are looking for a way to connect with people whilst serving God too. It’s lots of fun getting to interact with students at events such as Clubs Day. I also get to help out with the administration of bridging the gap between the actual The Point church and the SFU The Point Club which I am very grateful to be able to do.” Charity also likes the movie Me before You.

Nathan Drisner

Music Team Leader

Nathan is our talented Music Team Leader who joined The Point in 2015. He has a clear passion for music and we were blessed by him becoming the Music Team Leader in 2016. He says, “I love making a joyful noise for Jesus, and inviting others to do that with me every Sunday.” We are so thankful for that joyful noise every week. Nathan love birds, swing dancing, and Lord of the Rings. 

Gabrielle Drisner

Host Team Leader

Gabby joined The Point in the Fall of 2017 and a year later became our wonderful Host Team Leader. We are so blessed for her ability to make The Point gathering area feel like a home, and are even more blessed at her willingness to come early to make coffee and prep treats. She says, “Connecting with others is one of my favourite things about church! I love meeting new people and making our church family feel welcomed and valued. Host Team is all about connection, especially through coffee, cake and chats!” Gabby also enjoys the fall season, the colour green, and the movie, “Singin’ in the Rain.” 

Osorochi Madukorom

PointKids Team Leader

Osorochi joined The Point, the Set-up team and PointKids team, back in 2013 and we are all more joyful with him here. His smile is infectious and he serves with overflowing joy. He began as PointKids Team Leader in 2016. He says “I like spending time with the children and enjoy the energy and curiosity they possess.” When asked whats his favourite anything, he said “to smile –one reason for me to be thankful.”

 Gigi Attia

Set-Up Team Leader

Gigi started attending The Point in 2010 and has been a wonderful, faithful member of the church family. With a heart for service, Gigi joined the set up team in 2014 and hopes that every member feels welcomed each week. We are so grateful for the wisdom, smiles, and joy he brings. He is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to books and movies, and states his favoutie movie is “ The Godfather.”

Tony Cheng


Tony joined The Point in 2015 and began serving on the music team. In 2017, he became the Finance Team Leader. He is an impressive ability to connect with people with genuine curiosity and love.  We are so grateful for all the work he does and his servant heart. “I love music and I want to serve God and people.” He recently fell in love with cycling also. (Tony and Tim would always invite a good bike ride.)

Joseph Kwesiga

Fellbrun Team Leader

Joseph joined The Point in 2015 and has been a wonderful addition to the Point Team and community. He took on the team leader position for our Fellburn Senior Care Centre gatherings in 2016 and has served faithfully and joyfully ever since. You may also see him playing the djembe on Sundays. He says he “loves our outreach to the seniors in the community especially those in the senior nursing homes.” He enjoys the Home Alone series too. 

Rachel Craft

Church Operations Director

Rachel joined The Point in her first year at SFU in 2015. She started doing administration for The Point in Spring 2018. She says, “I enjoy serving in the variety of tasks, coordinating events, and seeing people connect with Jesus through all the different pieces.” Rachel enjoys tea or coffee dates with friends, nature walks, and watching too much tv.