Welcome to PointKids! We are so glad you’re here!

Digital PointKids!

Sundays at 9:45am 

PointKids is meeting every Sunday on Zoom for 45 minutes! Tune in and enjoy some time to chat with you’re friends, a colouring page, and an episode of our Kid Series!

We want to see you there!

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PointKids  Philosophy

Point Kids is a safe place, a learning place, a fun place!

A safe place

In order to stay safe we need to make sure we are keeping our hands and feet to our self. Walking and staying in the PointKids room until your parents check you out so we can see you and know that you are safe.

A Learning Place

To make this a learning place we need to respect others when they are speaking so we can learn from them. We get to learn lots of things when we are at PointKids, so we try to keep listening ears.

A Fun place

At PointKids we also want to have fun! We get to have fun while we are playing games, learning more about God and spending time with friends! We are able to glorify God as we have fun and find joy in Him!  

Osorochi Madukorom

PointKids Team Leader

Osorochi joined The Point, the Set-up team and PointKids team, back in 2013 and we are all more joyful with him here. His smile is infectious and he serves with overflowing joy. He began as PointKids Team Leader in 2016. He says he likes “spending time with the children and enjoy the energy and curiosity they possess.” When asked whats his favourite anything, he said “to smile –one reason for me to be thankful.”