October 15/16/17

Thanksgiving is about THANKS & GIVING: Join us in Giving Socks.

* Did you know? Socks are one of the greatest needs, but one of the least donated items *

We will meet at the Woodwards Atrium, for a quick orientation, starting at 6:30pm sharp. Then head out in groups to distribute the socks.

Bring: Bring new socks with you. You can buy a bag full at Walmart or Costco at a decent price or go in on the cost with a friend. In past years some people have gone out for dinner afterwards, e.g. The Noodle Box, so bring cash or a card for that if you want to join some folk.

Don’t Bring: Extra stuff you don’t need.

– We have done this for a number of years, a few times a year. The socks are well received and in our quick briefing we will tell you all you need to know when giving out socks on E. Hastings.

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