Point 20th Anniversary

Let’s Celebrate


Join us in Celebration

We are so thankful to God and all the people who have brought The Point to where it is today. With 20 years gone by, we want to celebrate all that God been done and pray towards what God will continue to do in the years ahead.

Please join us for a special church gathering on Sunday, October 1st at 10:30am in the Saywell Atrium at SFU. After church, we will have a classic Point-style potluck lunch to celebrate!


If you have photos of The Point through the years that we can include in the slide show, feel free to add them to the album in the button below

Potluck Lunch

Sign up and bring something to share for lunch at the 20th Anniversary. Our potlucks are always a classic, delicious expression of the diverse church we have.


We have reserved the top half of the North Lot for parking. The image beside shows this area circled in green. The red line shows the best path to walk from the North Lot parking. You can walk toward Arts Road, along the loading bay road and into the Multifaith Courtyard. Our gathering will take place in the Saywell Atrium, next to Renaissance Coffee.