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Book Study: Generous Justice (Timothy Keller)

October – December 2020

Book Study: Christian Beliefs   (Wayne Grudem)

October – December 2020

More About Book Studies

Book Studies are incredible opportunities if you want to grow, discuss, & learn.

Groups will be no larger than 5 people (including the study leader). So register straight away if you are interested.

The group will decide on a day and time to meet weekly for between 45min – 1 hour. No longer. So bring your coffee and be ready to go as soon as it’s your start time. Each meetup will review the chapter set (normally 1 or 2) & discuss related questions.

There is an expectation that you will make it to the discussion time weekly and be prepared to discuss the chapters.

The group leader will set the time and place in consultation with those registered (most likely a weekday evening).

During the course of the book study you will learn 1 or 2 a relevant verses by heart.

I hope is that you will all consider leading a book study, using the same book once you completed you current study.

note, we don’t necessarily agree with everything written in a particular “book study” book, however we see each book as a platform from which to have engaging conversation