Easter Hunt

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Riddle: Why did the Easter Eggs Hide?

Find the next egg to start to solving the riddle!

But to find the next egg first you must solve this clue:

Clue #1

To begin this quest you must go
to where ducks swim and fish live below.
Keep in mind on the mountain theres two,
The one that you seek is not SFU’s

(Please take care, while you head there.
Look both ways at the cross walk you pick
With construction and traffic the cars come quite quick.)

Hint (Map)

We worked hard to make sure this is a touch-point free, Covid-safe treasure hunt that fun for everyone and we need your help:

Please ensure you and your family follow all BC health guidelines and be courteous and maintain distancing with others you may see along the paths and trails whenever you choose to do the hunt Easter weekend.

Did you find this and are curious what its for? We are doing a QR Code Easter Treasure Hunt! Find out more by clicking the button! Or head to the front of the school to begin the hunt!