Something to Do!

Let’s Connect!

We are all inside at home, so let’s find something to do. Become an artist? Learn to cook? Have (virtual) coffee with a friend? Check it out below or on the Point Facebook Page!

Coffee Connections

Care to Chat? We are all all at home and it can be fairly boring. Join in for some conversation the second Friday each month at 5pm! Invite a friend, bring a coffee, and find the link on Facebook

How are you doing? In need?

This season can be a hard with everyone staying apart. We hope you are doing okay. If you are feeling isolated this season and need to talk, but aren’t up for Coffee Connections, send us a message. We would love to connect with you and chat or offer a food package. 

Contact Us


You’re home, so why not join in! LifeGroups are a great opportunity to connect with others about life and faith over Zoom chats  the last week of each month 6:30-8pm. 

Live Worship

Music is a great way to relax and praise! Join in every Thursday for some live music on our Facebook page! Drop your favourite song in the comments and sing along at home! Join Thursdays at 5pm!

Baking with Buddies

Check out the recipes

Every Wednesday at 10am on the Facebook Page we have a new episode of Baking with Buddies! Navigate the recipies here with the arrows

Grandma Mac




apple crisp





chocolate chip cokies

chocolate layers 1

chocolate layers 2

Morning Reading Plan

Join the August Plan!

For the month of August we are doing a group plan using the YouVersion Bible App. We will put a pause on our online mornings but will read together in the app. Join us! 

Follow along with a past plan!

Check out the plan above or check out our past videos on Facebook

Check out the plan above or check out our past videos on Facebook

Check out the plan above or check out our past videos on Facebook

Check out more plans we have done here! 

PointKids Zoom

Each Saturday we have a PointKids Zoom call! This gives the kids a chance to see one another and particiapte in a song and craft! Send us a message or email us at