Science Camp



Scientists ages 6-12. Depending on skill level some assistance may be needed. Zoom assistance will be avaliable too!


Fun interactive science experiments and activities, to learn about ways the world around us works!


July 13th – Friday, July 16th from 9am – 4pm



PointKids Camp Facts

Camp Details

Join us for camp from 9am to 4pm on July 14th to July 17th. Four days fo fun filled adventure and three camps to choose from! Open to ages 4-12.


Please send your child with a packed lunch and extra snack for the afternoon break. NUT FREE lunches only please! Water bottles will be provided.


Keep an eye on the weather. We will have a tent set up for shade but the sun can get warm. If it is sunny, hats and sunscreen are encouraged. Raincoats or layers, if its light rain. In the event of severe weather we will contact you no later than 7am.


Camp is only $49.00 per child! Cost includes a t-shirt and water bottle! We ask that you pay with Cash or Cheque on July 14th at drop off.

PointKids Camp Philosophy


 Your scientist will learn right from wrong in order to make wise decisions both in and outside of the lab. It’s also here where discovering the rules and objectives of the experiments fosters a love for science.


The teachings of science compliment children’s natural curiosity and help them to develop important life skills. The science experiments and activities improves critical thinking, focus, curiosity, and teamwork.


 Scientists learn that their self-worth and identity are not defined by failed or perfected experiments or even great inventions. Through intentional, biblical character lessons, your scientist will learn about life, values, and how God sees them.


On our PointKids Calls, your scientist has the opportunity to foster healthy relationships with his or her research-mates through symbiosis and knowledge sharing, while learning the importance of putting others’ needs above his or her own.