January 4, 2017

strapped-artwork-horizontal-resizeToo many of us are living in a prison of financial debt and stress. The good news is we can learn how to get out of financial bondage.

Let’s get smart with our money and learn practical and biblical principles to free ourselves from being Strapped now and in the future.

Why did Jesus discuss money more than any other topic? Whats the big deal about money, anyway? Our hearts follow our money. Thats why Jesus said more about money than anything else.

66% of the Stories Jesus told were about Money & possessions; 1 in 10 verses in the gospels are about Money; 2300 verses speaks about money. 5 times as many as prayer and faith.

In this series we will learn from the wealth of knowledge from the Bible: on how to get out of debt & help others, make money serve you and free you from living a Strapped life now and in the future. This might be the most valuable series you ever here. Come join and hear for yourself at The Point Burnaby Mountain.



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