Preparing for the Lord’s Supper / Communion

November 23, 2015


(“Examine yourself” before the Lord’s Supper, the Bible says. Take time for a “soul-spiritual”, like getting a physical from a doctor. Pick questions that fit and process them with God. Thank him for his help, ask for forgiveness, pray for strength… whatever applies. Consider using a spiritual buddy to process last month together and pray for each other)

1. Since our last Lord’s Supper, what progress have I made in my Christian life? Am I moving forward spiritually? Stuck? Slipping backward?

2. Did sin loosen its grip on me? Did I depend on God’s Word and his grace to get stronger?

3. Did I win my inner battle against the sin that tempts me the most?

4. Was I more serious about listening to God this month by reading his Word?

6. Did others notice I’m becoming more determined to be like Jesus?

7. Did I grow in love for others, especially for my spiritual family, the church?

8. Did I open my life more to the Spirit this month? Listen for his whisper? Obey him?

9. Did I try more to freely forgive others like Jesus did, when they insulted and hurt me?

10. Was I more concerned about the spiritual conditions of those around me?

11. Did I attempt to imitate Jesus, who went about doing good to everyone he met?

12. Was I generous with love and time and money to the poor and needy, to improve their life?

13. Did my music, videos, friendships and reading pull me toward Jesus, or pull me away from him?

14. Was I gentler, more affectionate to my family at home?

15. Did I have more desire to bring those to Jesus who don’t know Him? And to help those know Him and have a closer walk with Him?

16. Did I say No to selfish spending and Yes to generosity, supporting Kingdom work, contributing to my church, to the poor and others in need?

17. Did I experience a deeper sense of Jesus’ love for me? Did I reciprocate in love to him?

18. Did I take intimate time to get alone with Jesus this month, like lovers do?

19. Did I get happy in Jesus, thinking about his love for me? Talking about him when with other Christians? Standing up for him with those who mock him?

20. Did I enjoy the daily soul-cleansing that comes when I receive God’s forgiveness? Did I try to walk in the light more and become transparent with him?

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