The Point’s Club Status – URGENT

February 14, 2012

Hi to all SFU students (non-students you don’t have to read this one :) )

Due to changes made this semester in how the SFSS manages their clubs, all registration for clubs is now conducted online at All potential members are required to confirm their membership by logging into an account linked to this page (Click “Join Club”). Please go as soon as you can to this page, log in with your SFU ID, and confirm your The Point Club membership. Having club status helps us with bookings, advertising and more.

You may have signed up in person at a table or other event, but we ask that you still take a minute and confirm your registration online. We, the club executives, were hoping to add the accounts signed up on paper ourselves and save you the hassle, but there seems to be a problem with SFSS’ system and that ability is not available to us at this moment.

Thank you for your help! Help us keep our club status by quickly signing up here. It only takes a minutes!

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