Inception – Sunday Evening 16th

February 12, 2014

Join us watching Inception at the SFURez (Shadbolt B1050), Sunday 16th, 6pm. If you haven’t seen it, it is a must. If you have, come and try work it out again :) .

Date & Time: Sunday 16th, 6pm
Venue: Shadbolt B1050
Bring: Snacks, Food & Friends (let’s pack it out), if in the towers bring down a mattress or 3 for more seating.
Other info: Here’s more about the movie. This is simply a fun event, nothing else is happening, other than having a good time and watching Inception. Victor is bringing some of his homemade popcorn and Sam plans to pick up some special Candy. It will be on a BIG screen & we will use Tim’s Terrific-Crazy-Awesome Speaker system (you might have heard it if you live in Rez).

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