Christmas New Year Challenge

December 18, 2013

Yesterday Ian and I were chatting about reading through the Bible over the Christmas break! Wow what a great challenge. It reminded me about a resource we (The Point) have access to till the end of the year (only 12days left) and so here is my challenge to you why not log in and try do one of these three studies:

ChristmasNewYearChallenge1. This series is meant for Kids, but WOW It is good stuff, just Smile through the real Kid stuff!! It’s a great starting point with good truths.

2. John Pipers – Why We Believe The Bible

3. What to Do When I … fear, feel alone, tempted, want to give up

If you don’t have access to then contact Victor or Sam with your email address and We’ll add you. Use this time of year to draw close to him. There are hundreds of other studies avaiable from people like Timothy Keller, Matt Chandler, Francis Chan, Mark Driscoll, Bill Hybels… on every topic imaginable.

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