Canada Can Do Better

July 16, 2012

Sunday, July 22 – Send a postcard to you MP and stop the demand for paid sex in Canada.
1)  Decriminalize the person being sold
2)  Penalize the buyers, pimps and procurers
3)  Mandate robust funding for services for women to exit the sex industry.

Canada is currently considering decriminalizing the buying and selling of women for sex. This would be a gift to those who would exploit them, including pimps and sex buyers, and it would create a robust sex market. In other countries this has ledto increased trafficking of women to meet market demand. MPs have the opportunity now to create better legislation regarding prostitution. Pick up a pre-prepared postcards service next week and send it to your MP. All you’ll need is a pen.

Questions? We had lots. Stay after the service for a showing of DEMAND by Shared Hope International, a well researched documentary on how the demand for sex drives the global sex trade. Light refreshments will be provided.

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