A Christmas Devotion for Christmas Day

December 25, 2013

luke2-collectionMerry Christmas! As you start the day I want to encourage you to make time to focus on the whole reason for the day – Jesus coming to be with us & ultimately to make a way for us to be forgiven and set free. To help you to focus on Jesus I have compiled 5 easy steps for Christmas Day devotion.

Step (1)

Set aside about 20min  and get a Bible ready. (Perhaps in the morning, after lunch or in the evening)

Step (2)

Start by asking the Lord to quieten you heart, perhaps spend 30seconds in silence. Or if you are with family and friends perhaps pray and ask the Lord to remind you through the reading to remind you of the wonder of Christmas.

Step (3)

Read Luke 2:1-28 (audio version – is the whole of Ch 2) or this paraphrase of the accounts from Luke & Matthew.

Step (4)

* If you are with a group, family or someone else take time to discuss what you have read and why Jesus’ birth is so significant.

* If you are doing this devotion by yourself (with The Lord),  Listen to Silent Night here in a new tab and read the lyrics here, reflect on how the Carol celebrates what you read about in Luke 2.

Step (5)

Finally, close with a prayer. Here & below  is a sample prayer (read it as a prayer if you wish):

“Heavenly Father, Thank you for sending Your Son Jesus to earth. We not only celebrate His birth in the manger, but also the reason for His coming — His death on the cross. We thank You for providing eternal life for each person who will accept His free gift of salvation.

“Father, I thank you for my family. Life is not always easy for us, but we know that You are always with us. As Your Word says, You will never leave us nor forsake us. Thank you for the love that holds us together and for always meeting our needs. Draw us closer together through this coming year. We love You and want our time of celebration to be memorable today. In Jesus’ name, amen.”


Other Items to add/ resources:

- If you like also read this short devotion on Silent Night

- Here are some additional ideas to do if you have kids

- A Christmas Poem by T.S. Eliot & Reflection

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