20/20 Vision

October 17, 2012

This Saturday is the 20th of the month, and that means that, as a church family, we will observe a special day of fasting and prayer for the vision God has given us of planting 20 churches by the year 2020 in the Vancouver metro area.  (This is something we do on the 20th of every month).

We will meet at Victor and Candice’s house at 8:20 am for prayer and breakfast together. If you cannot make it to meeting, no worries! You are encouraged to pray and fast individually that day.

Not sure what a fast is? Webster’s Dictionary describes it as abstaining from all foods, some foods, or to eat sparingly. The idea behind this is definitely not to be legalistic! In fact, you don’t even have to fast from food. Some suggestions may be technology, coffee, or sweets.

The key is to abstain from something that is naturally part of your day.  When you miss whatever it is you are fasting from, you are reminded to pray.  Some may fast for the hours of daylight, and some may fast for a full 24 hours. The idea of fasting is to have extra time to spend with God in prayer and to increase our dependency on Him. We are looking forward to a day of fasting and prayer together as a family, this Saturday!

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